Shane Bouchard

Acting Credits

2010: Sept 14-18, 21-25, 2010 Having Hope at Home
2014: May 13 - 24 Inherit the Wind
2015: Ma 24 - 28 & Mar 31-Apr 4 The Lion in Winter

From the program for The Lion in Winter:
SHANE BOUCHARD (Geoffrey) appears in his third Kanata Theatre production. Shane played the defendant Bert Cates in last year’s Inherit the Wind. Before that he was Michel Charbonneau in Having Hope at Home. His role in The Lion in Winter touches on his interests in the middle ages and the English and French monarchy.

From the program for Inherit the Wind:
SHANE BOUCHARD (Bert Cates) is excited for his second role on the Kanata Theatre stage having previously played Michel Charbonneau in Having Hope at Home. Shane is currently completing a bachelor’s in legal studies at Carleton University. He has participated in mock appeal trial competitions, enjoys running tabletop role playing games, and practices historical medieval sword fighting.

From the program for Having Hope at Home:

SHANE BOUCHARD (Michel Charbonneau) is proud to be making his acting debut with Kanata Theatre. Shane has participated in drama throughout high school but this is his first big theatrical commitment. He has previously participated in public speaking competitions making it to the regional finals repeatedly. When not participating in theatrical style role-playing games, Shane enjoys filmmaking, reviewing, and writing. He hopes to participate in future productions with Kanata Theatre.