Ring Round the Moon

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Eufron Williams as Capulet, Gwen Knight as Mme. DesMortes
 Photo rrtm_001
Carol Strong as Isabelle, Mary Mauger as Her Mother
 Photo rrtm_002
Peter Jefferson as Hugo, Jim MacIntosh as Romainville
 Photo rrtm_003
Peter Jefferson and Carol Strong
 Photo rrtm_004
Brooke Keneford as Patrice, Annemarie Copple as Lady India
 Photo rrtm_005
Act III, Scene 2
 Photo rrtm_006
Peter Jefferson, Gwen Knight, Carol Strong
 Photo rrtm_007
Kathi Langille as Diana, Peter Jefferson as Hugo
 Photo rrtm_008
Hair stylling in progress: Tony of Kanata Beauty Salon and Annemarie Copple
 Photo rrtm_009