Igor's Back

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Igor's Back: Bill the Translator (a.k.a. Williams Shakespeare) and Enthor
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Igor's Back: Patricia (a SNOB), Bill, Rupert (a SNOB), Dr. Lowenfuse, Igor and Amelia, in front of the Time Camera.
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KT-KIDS: Dr. B. Lowenfuse greets Calamity Jane
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KT-KIDS: Igor (what else would you call the assistant to a Mad Scientist?) and Dr. B. Lowenfuse
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KT-KIDS: Igor & Dr. Lowenfuse viewing the past, in the Time Camera
 Photo IMG_3367
KT-KIDS: Igor answers the door to the Cub Cookies boy
 Photo IMG_3371
KT-KIDS: Cookie-selling cub
 Photo IMG_3374
KT-KIDS: Caveman Enthor in the Time machine
 Photo IMG_3389
KT-KIDS: Dr. Lowenfuse meets the Staff from SNOBS.
 Photo IMG_3393
KT-KIDS: Bill the Translator a.k.a. W. Shakespeare
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KT-KIDS: The SNOBS try the compressed food
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KT-KIDS: Enthor gets "his" hands on the compressed food
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KT-KIDS: Enthor
 Photo IMG_3421
KT-KIDS: The SNOBS encounter Bill the Translaotr
 Photo IMG_3443
KT-KIDS: The Police Office and Amelia Earhart
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KT-KIDS: The nosey neighbour
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KT-KIDS: Sending Calamity Jane back to her own time
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KT-KIDS: The whole cast
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