Disney's 101 Dalmations - Kids

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KT-KIDS: The set, with "Tower Bridge", "Hampstead Heath" and the Scottish Shop.
 Photo P4070003
KT-KIDS: Cruella visits her neighbours Roger & Anita and the Dalmations
 Photo P4070006
KT-KIDS: Roger (Daniel Williams) leads the family to sing about Cruella
 Photo P4070010
KT-KIDS: Cruella (Katie Baker) with the Bad'uns
 Photo P4070013
KT-KIDS: The Scotties (Polina Tarabukhina and Megan Baker) and the Chihuahua (Tristan Williams)
 Photo P4070017
KT-KIDS: Poodle (Kaitlin Williams), Pongo (Evan Holland), Boxer (Jenna McKeown), Scottie (Megan Baker), Boxer (Sydney Lively), Scottie (Polina Tarabukhina), Perdita (Cassie Harrison), and Chihuahua (Tristan Williams)
 Photo P4070020
KT-KIDS: Cruella and her henchmen are captured.
 Photo P4070023
 Photo P4070027

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