Shrewsbury and York, PA
The environment in which Leading Ladies is set. Many of these photos would have looked the same (except for auto traffic) in 1958.

The last few photos show big houses such as Florence might have lived in.
There were many of these houses: York was a prosperous place, judging from
the number of banks in the town.

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The Moose Lodge
 Photo P6210034
Shrewsbury: older house, brick sidewalk
 Photo P6210040
Nearest railroad passenger station was at the town of Railroad, either 1 or 2 miles away, depending on which sign you view, at the main intersection.
 Photo P6210043
There was a freight station in Shrewsbury
 Photo P6210044
The next station down the line (which is now a bike trail) from Railroad: "New Freedom", now a coffee-shop and bike rental.
 Photo P6210047
Market St. York, which was an ancient aboriginal path
 Photo P6210003
Buildings on Market St.
 Photo P6210004
York seems to have two main types of business: Law firms and banks.
 Photo P6210005
A Bank building
 Photo P6210006
 Photo P6210007
Older houses
 Photo P6210010
Apartment building, not a hotel
 Photo P6210012
A very solid bank
 Photo P6210014
One of the oldest buildings in York
 Photo P6210015
Revolutionary-era house
 Photo P6210016
 Photo P6210017
Society of Friends (Quakers) meeting-house
 Photo P6210020
The Mission
 Photo P6210023
 Photo P6210024
 Photo P6210026
 Photo P6210031
Funeral home: large & ornate
 Photo P6210054
Large house in York
 Photo P6210055
Large house in York
 Photo P6210058
Large house in York
 Photo P6210059
Large house in York
 Photo P6210062
Large house in York
 Photo P6210065
Large house in York
 Photo P6210066
The Yorktown Hotel.
 Photo P6220073