Local youth hit the Kanata stage
June 4 and 5

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EMC News - The Youth of Kanata Theatre are ready to present a fun family comedy after months of hard work and dedication. The group of 27 children ages seven to 16 will perform the musical 'Dear Edwina Junior" directed by Andrew Williams on June 4 at 7 p.m. and June 5 at 2 p.m.

The story follows young Edwina who wants to be as great as her siblings and wants to attend the Kalamazoo Advice-Apalooza Festival. When a spot at the show opens she has to convince the young cast and crew of her weekly advice show to impress the talent agent. The zany cast includes characters as the Queen of Boola Boola, Farmer Jerry, Aphrodite, Chef Ludmilla and many others who all sing and dance while giving words of advice.

Jared Wagner has been in four previous productions with the group and this time his main role is Ziggy, with four additional parts. Ziggy is a Jamaican character who is trying to get to Jamaica but has spent all his money on Gameboys. Jared says he thinks he has learned a lot of different stage techniques and enjoys some of the improv games they play between rehearsals.

"I find it really fun and exciting to do stuff with other people," the 12-year old actor said.

His mother and father have been involved in theatre for more than 20 years and believe their son has been exposed to a wide range of skills at the theatre.

"It's an opportunity for him to be with his peers, learn speaking skills and technology skills like lighting design," Wendy Wagner said.

Through the rehearsal process those involved are all learning somerhing different. For Daniel Williams, he has learned patience and perseverance. His favourite part of the play is when they sing one of the songs country style.
"It's called 'Put It In the Piggy' which is all about how to save money. It's really funny especially with our western accents," said Daniel.

Claire Bosnich plays Anne who she describes as not the sharpest tool in the shed and someone who tries to help out a

The youth of the Kanata Theatre group are putting on the musical Dear Edwina Junior on June 4 and 5. Above, Uncle Vlad (Nicholas Harrison) and Cordell (Tristan Williams) are in full voice during rehearsal. Below, Chef Ludmilla (Emma Sangalli), Fairy Forkmother (Ella Schmldtlein), Annie (Claire Bosnltch) pose for the camera.

lot. She thinks that people can learn a lot from the musical.

"People can get a lot out of the play. The songs are extremely catchy and they teach you a lesson," Bosnich said. "It's a really fun play and it will be really cool."

Fifth year

The Kanata Youth group is in its fifth year. They started with just five youth involved and they are now up to 30 of whom 27 are involved in this production.
The children have been rehearsing every Saturday morning since January and are all really excited to see their hard work pay off.
The musical is sure to be quite funny and will appeal to everyone who is looking for some quality and affordable family entertainment. Performances will be held at the Kanata Theatre on 1 Ron Maslin Way and tickets are reserved seating only. For more information, contact the box office at 613-831-4435.

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Seeking advice

Dear Edwina Junior sure to be a hit
for whole family

Kanata Theatre

Having one's accomplishments posted on the fridge is celebration enough for most children - and Edwina Spoonapple is no different.

Miss Spoonapple's much longed-for prize though, unlike the many musical prize ribbons and glowing report cards belonging to her siblings, is an invitation to the Kalamazoo Advice-A-Palooza Festival.

When Dr. Joyce Brothers leaves the festival, a spot becomes available and Edwina rallies the young cast and crew of her weekly advice giving show, Dear Edwina, to help her impress the talent agent sent out to look for a replacement.

Nicholas Harrison as Uncle Vladimir and Tristan Williams as Frankenguest during a production of Dear Edwina Junior.

A wheelbarrow overflowing with letters from people all over the world looking for Edwina's wise advice becomes
the place from which a wide variety of hilarious and entertaining questions and themes come from.

Edwina counsels on everything from picky eaters to obnoxious party guests, from table setting etiquette to welcoming new people, and from the benefit of saving one's pennies to why you should be proud of who you are - all done in song and dance — and with the undercurrent of unrequited love.

Your family will be entertained by one zany character after another; the Fairy Forkmother, the Queen of Boola .Boola, Aphrodite, Carrie, Becky, the Vanderploonk Triplets, Chef Ludmilla, Ziggy, Farmer Jerry and many, many more.

Dear Edwina Junior, directed by Andrew Williams, is being presented by the Youth of Kanata Theatre, a group of 24 children from the ages of 6 to 16.

Tickets are $3 each for reserved seating.

Performances will be held at the Kanata Theatre, 1 Ron Maslin Way, Kanata, on Friday, June 4 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, June 5 at 2 p.m.

Call the box office at 613-831-4435 for more information.

This article is reproduced by kind permission of the author.