Fairy Tale Ending, the Big Bad Family Musical by by Kieren MacMillan and Jeremy Hutton

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Rehearsal photo: The Line-up, The Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, Troll (Kevin Chan, Amy Osborne, Christina Fisher)
Rehearsal photo: The Statement, Cop/Jill (Lorraine McInnis, Abbey Flockton)
Rehearsal photo: The Big Bad Wolf (Kevin Chan)
Rehearsal photo The Three Bears - (Dana Mercer, Julia Mercer, Kiara Cote)
Rehearsal photo Troll - (Christina Fisher)
Rehearsal photo The Three Pigs and the "Stick House" - (Jenn McKittrick, Emilie Cote, Maddy Barclay)
Rehearsal photo: "You Don't Know Jack" (Christina Fisher, Lorraine McInnis, Kevin Chan, Amy Osborne, Abbey Flockton, Alex Lamarre, full cast)
Rehearsal photo: The Three Blind Mice/Jill - (Genna Sylvain, Saylor Frost, Tassanie Gibson, Abbey Flockton)
Rehearsal photo: Cop/Jill 'seen' by the The Three Blind Mice (Lorraine McInnis, Abbey Flockton, Tassanie Gibson, Saylor Frost, Genna Sylvain)
Rehearsal photo: Goldilocks (Amy Osborne)
Rehearsal photo: The Chase - Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf, Jack, (Abbey Flockton, Kevin Chan, Alex Lamarre)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Dakota Bradley-Lalonde, Samantha Brown, Ainsley Ljungstrom)
The Entire Cast
The Constables and The Paramedics (Allison Adams, Ellie Mercer, Malcolm McCracken, Genevieve Theberge)
Grandma (Wendy McKittrick)