Jenny Brooks

Acting Credits

2011: February 1-5 & 8-12 Jenny's House of Joy
2011: Sept 20-24, Sep 27-Oct 1 West Moon Street
2012: March 27-31 & April 3-7 Friends, With Benefits
2013: March 26-30 & April 2-6 Harvey
2014: May 13 - 24 Inherit the Wind

Production Credits

Make-Up Assistant A Few Good Men

From the program for Inherit the Wind:
JENNIFER BROOKS (Rachel Brown) is happy to be back on the Kanata Theatre stage after taking a year off from the acting world. Jenny has performed in several Kanata Theatre productions including Jenny’s House of Joy, West Moon Street, Friends, With Benefits, and most recently, Harvey.

From the program for Jenny's House of Joy:

JENNIFER BROOKS (Anita) is delighted to make her theatre debut with Kanata Theatre. After taking the last year off to travel across Australia, South Korea, and Thailand, Jennifer finally surrendered to her passion of acting and has been pursuing it since. This newcomer is excited (and nervous) for the challenge of acting in theatre as most of her work has been in film, modelling, and radio. When not avidly seeking acting opportunities, she is just enjoying being 25 years old and living life to its fullest!

From the program for West Moon Street:

JENNIFER BROOKS (Sybil Merton) is excited to be returning to the stage in her second production for Kanata Theatre. This particular role was a challenge for Jennifer because of Sybil’s mature and calm nature. She is all too familiar with being typecast as the bubbly, full-of-energy character. She played just that as Anita in Jenny’s House of Joy in February 2011. Aside from theatre, Jennifer is focusing on film and modelling as well as studying part time at the University of Ottawa.

From the program for Friends, with Benefits:

JENNIFER BROOKS (Lily) is thrilled to be making her third appearance with Kanata Theatre. She made her stage debut in Jenny's House of Joy (2011) and her most recent play was the first of this season, West Moon Street. Jenny is very excited to be working under Brett Kelly's direction. She says, "He's one of the 'punniest' people I've ever met!" In her spare time, Jenny enjoys practicing Muay Thai, learning Latin ballroom dance, and eating as much dark chocolate as possible. Do what you love and love what you do!

From the program for Harvey

JENNIFER BROOKS (Ruth Kelly, R.N.) has been performing for Kanata Theatre since 2010 when she made her debut as Anita in Jenny’s House of Joy. Since then she has been seen in last season’s West Moon Street as Sybil Merton and in Friends with Benefits as Lily. Jennifer is excited to be part of this comedic piece (with a strong, moral message) and to work with such a dynamic cast, some of which she’s already had the pleasure of working with in the past. She would like to thank her family and friends who continuously show their support through and through.