Anne-Marie Chronnell

Acting Credits

2014: September 16 - 20 & 23 - 27, The Dining Room

From the program for The Dining Room:

Sally, Girl (Lizzie), Ellie, Aggie, Winkie, Old Lady, Helen, Meg, Bertha, and Guest
ANNE-MARIE CHRONELL is thrilled to return to the Canadian stage after an eight-year hiatus whilst she was living in London, UK. Having trained in Calgary, she has spent nearly 20 years acting and directing. Favourite recent roles include: Hannah in Arcadia, Olive in The Odd Couple (Female Version), Medea Redux in Bash, Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, and she especially enjoyed directing Festen and a reimagined version of The Libertine whilst in London. Big thanks go to Barb, as well as to her husband and fellow KT actor, Nick, for holding down the fort.