Katie Ryerson

Acting Credits

2006: May 23-27, May 30-June 3 Staff Room
2006: November 14-18 & 21-25 Happy Birthday Dear Alice
2007: September 18 to 29 The Heiress
2008: February 5-16 The Seagull

Production Credits

Make-up Hi, Ho, Robin Hood
Make-Up Assistant Blithe Spirit
The Long Weekend

From the program for Staff Room:

KATIE RYERSON (Brenda, Lacey) has been involved in school plays and musicals since grade 5. Katie participated in The Lion King (Nala) and Beauty and the Beast (Triplet) as well as leads in the spring and winter musicals in her elementary years. More recently she performed in Anything Goes (Chorus), The Boyfriend (Dancer) and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (Chorus) at Earl of March S.S. Katie is hoping to pursue theatre at university. Outside school, she ushers at the G.C.T.C, takes theatre tech courses at The Ottawa School of Speech & Drama, completes homework (yes, dad, really!) and works part-time. She wants to thank all her friends for being so enthusiastic about the show and hopes everybody enjoys it!

From the program for Happy Birthday Dear Alice:

KATIE RYERSON (Sandy) made her debut in last season's Staff Room (Brenda, Lacey). She has appeared in many school productions, including Twelfth Night, Anything Goes and The Boyfriend. She performed in the 2005 Shakespeare on the Platform competition and tied for second place for her monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Last year, Katie worked backstage for her school's 2005 SEARS production. She is happy to have started this school year as a new member of the Earl of March Improv Team and as an Earl Cappies critic for her school's regional team. Katie is thankful for all the support and enthusiasm from her friends.

From The Heiress:

KATIE RYERSON (Marian Almond) is pleased to participate in her third show at Kanata Theatre. Last year she played Sandy in Happy Birthday Dear Alice and Brenda and Lacey in 2006’s Staff Room. She also delved into backstage work and assisted makeup for Hi, Ho, Robin Hood and Blithe Spirit. In June, Katie was elected as the new Student Member at Large on the Kanata Theatre Board of Directors. A BIG thank you to all the dedicated people who worked so hard on our beautiful costumes. We look gorgeous!

From The Seagull:

KATIE RYERSON (Nina) is pleased to participate in her fourth onstage production at Kanata Theatre. This season, she was seen as Marian Almond in The Heiress, assisted make-up for The Long Weekend, and enjoyed being the Student Member on the KT Board of Directors. At her high school, Earl of March, Katie starred as Laurey Williams in their production of Oklahoma! this past November. To our fearless leader: You've been "a dream". Thank you, Jim, this one's for you.