Arlene Watson

Acting Credits

2009: February 3 - 14 Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun
2010: 28 August 2010 Check Please

Production Credits

Assistant Stage Manager Cash On Delivery
The Dining Room
Dresser Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
Continuity Assistant Radium Girls
Calendar Girls

From the program for Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun:

ARLENE WATSON (Claire Castle) has been performing on and off Eastern-Ontario stages for the last 26 years. Arlene and her sister have their own theatre company (“More Theatre” – excuse the blatant self-promotion!). They enter plays into the Ottawa Fringe Festival and into competitive provincial drama festivals where they have won many awards. Favourite roles include Beth in Rouge Atomique, and Mother Superior in Nunsense. Arlene is thrilled to be making her Kanata Theatre stage debut!