Halfway Up The Tree

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The set
 Photo hwutt_001
Doreen Boss as Lady Fitzbuttress, Laurence Thornton as General Sir mallalieu Fitzbuttress, Marg Anthony as Helga.
 Photo hwutt_002
Barrie Kirk as Robert, Laurence Thornton, and Rosemarie Lawless as Judy.
 Photo hwutt_003
Barrie Kirk. Joyce McKeown as Lesley, Doreen Boss, Laurence Thornton and Rosemarie Lawless
 Photo hwutt_004
Dewi Williams as Vicar, John Moore as Basil Utterwood, and others
 Photo hwutt_005
Laurence Thornton and Doreen Boss
 Photo hwutt_006
Barrie Kirk, Doreen Boss, Laurence Thornton, Marg Anthony
 Photo hwutt_007
Doreen Boss, Jim MacIntosh as Tiny
 Photo hwutt_008
Laurence Thronton
 Photo hwutt_009
Doreen Boss, Laurence Thornton
 Photo hwutt_010
Jim MacIntosh, Rosemarie Lawless, John Moore, Dewi Williams
 Photo hwutt_011
Rehearsal photo: Laurence Thornton and Doreen Boss
 Photo hwutt_012
Doreen Boss, Dewi Williams, Barrie Kirk, Marg Anthony
 Photo hwutt_013