Life With Father

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Mother (Vinnie) and Annie the maid
 Photo LWF_003
The elder sons look for some way of making money
 Photo LWF_004
Family breakfast
 Photo LWF_005
Father congratulates the cook (Margaret) on the bacon
 Photo LWF_006
Harlan on the carpet
 Photo LWF_007
 Photo LWF_008
 Photo LWF_009
 Photo LWF_010
 Photo LWF_011
 Photo LWF_012
How to spell "Constantinople"
 Photo LWF_013
"I was never baptized"
 Photo LWF_014
Cora and Mary Skinner come to stay
 Photo LWF_015
With Delia (another maid)
 Photo LWF_016
Clarence falls for Mary Skinner
 Photo LWF_017
 Photo LWF_018
 Photo LWF_019
 Photo LWF_020
 Photo LWF_021
 Photo LWF_022
 Photo LWF_023
 Photo LWF_024
 Photo LWF_025
 Photo LWF_026
 Photo LWF_027
 Photo LWF_028
 Photo LWF_029
 Photo LWF_030
 Photo LWF_031
 Photo LWF_032
 Photo LWF_033
 Photo LWF_034
 Photo LWF_035
 Photo LWF_036
 Photo LWF_037
Going to church
 Photo LWF_038

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