Up Front and Centre Stage

The production

There were two objectives in putting this show on stage:

The acts included:

Paul Gardner performing on stage (!) as a knife-thrower with a daughter (Tracey) who displayed great sang-froid in facing her short-sighted circus knife-thrower father. This act also had Brooke Keneford and Lionel King as the two old codgers Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show, in one of the Juliets.

The Kanata Ballet school presented two pieces. One was "Mystère", a.k.a. "The Bird Dance" choreographed by Leslie Jaeggin. It was really a solo piece but the dancers performed it together that night. They also made the feathered masks needed for the dance.  The other was a ballet - the "Playhouse Waltz" choreographed specially for this occasion by Marcia Caple.

Dorothy, Gwendy, and Liane did the cauldron scene from Macbeth, and called down an unseasonal monsoon on the place. You could hear the rain pounding on the roof, and the wind howling at all the doors.

Chris Pilsworth performed several of his illusions.

Rob Mitchell performed on the keyboard.

 There were other items (if anyone can remember them, please inform the Webmaster), and the "Katie" Award (K.T. Award) made its appearance (see the Cast & Crew page).