The Dragonslayers:
Director's Note

A note from the Director, Andrew Williams:

I would like to extend a very special thanks to the Kanata Ballet School for once more joining forces with Kanata Theatre. It was 30 years ago (Dec. 13, 1975) that Kanata Theatre staged a performance of “Cinderella” which involved:

“. . . a squeaking of mice and a troop of horses, played by 30 children from the March Township Children’s Drama. With three dances performed by 22 children from the Kanata Ballet School.”

As a former mouse, I’m honoured to again work with dancers from KBS. Thank you Kanata Ballet School, thank you dancers, and thank you Amy Ash (Choreographer).

Making A Dragon (choreographed by Amy Ash) Dancers: Justine Bohn, Joanne Callon, Katie Hewitt, Catherine Littlefield, Francesca Martin, Elena Rowan, Sarah Scaffidi, Bethany Strickland, Gillian Webster, Kaitlin Williams, Nevena Vucetic, Sierra Zabel Rorai.

Blessings of the Forest (choreographed by Amy Ash) Dancers: Kayla Boch, Emma Brennen, Hannah Brennen, Rachel Conrad, Allison Griffiths, Leandra Guillet, Freya MacDonald-Johnsen, Victoria Molotchko, Alana Newbury, and Alex Schubert.

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The Chronology of a Production

This page will attempt to capture a log of all that happens during the creation of a stage production. The specific production is The Dragonslayers, a musical play for children to be presented on December 27, 28 and 29, 2005, with two performances on each of those days.

July 2005: Cut the script to shorten the running time and remove the intermission.

13 August 2005: Have the play read aloud by a group including children, to ensure that the essential story line has not been affected by the cuts.

4 September approx.  Dates of auditions publicised

12 & 14 September: Auditions; music auditions in the following days

25 September Cast selected, and published on web site.

3 October First rehearsal, in Rehearsal room. Meanwhile, people are volunteering for the production staff.

9 December First meeting with one group of dancers from Kanata Ballet School

14 December Rehearsal in costume: more publicity photos.


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