Leading Ladies

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Photos by Ann Williams and Wendy Wagner

Rehearsal Photo: Mark Linder, Andrew Williams
 Photo IMG_6143b
"Meg" and "Duncan"
 Photo IMG_6749
"Doc" as Chief Moose
 Photo IMG_6752
"Leo" and "Jack"
 Photo IMG_6762
"Leo" and "Jack" in train
 Photo IMG_6770
"Jack", "Leo" and "Audrey" in train
 Photo IMG_6781
 Photo IMG_6789
 Photo IMG_6790
"Doc", "Audrey", "Butch" and "Duncan"
 Photo IMG_6797
"Leo" as "Maxine"
 Photo IMG_6798
"Audrey" and "Jack" as "Stephanie"
 Photo IMG_6801
"Stephanie", "Maxine" and "Florence"
 Photo IMG_6813
"Duncan" and "Meg"
 Photo IMG_6863
"Jack" and "Leo"
 Photo IMG_6891
"Audrey", "Jack" and "Butch"
 Photo IMG_6893
"Jack" and "Maxine"
 Photo IMG_6896
Waiters (stage crew) setting up for the dance
 Photo IMG_6915
"Doc" and "Stephanie"
 Photo IMG_6921
"Audrey", "Meg" and "Leo"
 Photo IMG_6933
"Audrey" and "Stephanie"
 Photo IMG_6935
"Duncan" and "Stephanie"
 Photo IMG_6946
"Maxine" and "Meg"
 Photo IMG_6961
"Audrey" and "Jack"
 Photo IMG_6986
"Florence", "Maxine" and "Meg"
 Photo IMG_6993

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