Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun
Set to Hit the Ron Maslin Stage


After the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season, many people take a much needed rest in the cold days of January to reflect on the year that has passed. This cannot be said for the cast and crew of Kanata Theatre's next production: Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun, written by Canada's most popular playwright, Norm Foster. The dedicated cast and crew are all busy, hard at work bringing you the first performance of 2009.

For those of you who are familiar with Norm Foster's work, you will know that he is an extremely intelligent comedic writer who creates exceptionally believable characters, who seem to come alive on the stage. Kanata Theatre have presented a great number of Foster's plays, including titles such as: Drinking Alone, The Long Weekend, Ethan Claymore and Here on the Flight Path, just to mention a few.

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun promises to entertain, and to have the audience see little bits of themselves reflected in the characters on the stage.

The play is an emotionally charged roller coaster ride from the beginning until the end. It looks into the life of a thirty five year old man with the mental capacity of young child. He meets a young pregnant woman who is having a crisis within her own life. The two of them form an unusual lifelong friendship. On the surface it seems to be a story about a disabled man but as the story unfolds, we come to realize it is a tale about people finding the strength to take responsibility for their own lives and circumstances, and going to the ends of the earth to protect their integrity. We learn that being brave has nothing to do with someone's physical abilities.

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun is set to open February 3rd and play until February 14th 2009 with blackout days on Sunday and Monday. Tickets will be $15.00 apiece and curtain is at 8pm sharp. Advance tickets can be purchased from the Ron Maslin Box Office, located at 1 Ron Maslin Way just off Terry Fox Drive. Box-office hours are 5pm-7pm Monday till Friday and 10am - noon on Saturdays. For more information please call the box office at 831-4435 or visit our website at


Local theatre tackles play by one of Canada's best


A Globe and Mail article once listed Norm Foster beside England's Alan Ayckbourn and American Neil Simon, as the "three most talked-about playwrights of their respective countries."

The world-wide Literary Encyclopedia adds that "doing a Norm Foster" has replaced "doing a Neil Simon" for community theatres across Canada, parts of the United States, Australia and beyond when the season calls for a heartwarming comedy to please the audience and fill the treasury.

With Foster's Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun opening Feb. 3 at Kanata Theatre, there's no doubt the actors, director Tom Kobolak and the audience will get even more bang for their entertainment bucks.

The play tells the story of Robert, a mentally challenged 35-year-old man (played by Dale MacEachern, last seen in another Foster triumph at Kanata Theatre The Long Weekend), his over-protective, terminally-ill mother Clare; and Holly, Robert's free-spirited new friend (played by newcomers Arlene Watson and Sarah Argue respectively).

Rounding out the cast are Gerry Thompson as Dr. Andrews, who believes that a viable option would be to send Robert to an institution; and Simon, Holly's self-absorbed on-again, off-again lover, played by Dwayne Aylward.

In this play Foster tackles meatier themes than usual (past scripts focused on such weighty topics as the tribulations of a single guy on the make, or a weekend spent with back-stabbing, upwardly mobile, type-A personalities), as he confronts the problems facing people like Robert who are just trying to work, to love, have friendships and survive like the rest of us.

Oh, don't worry, Foster's scripts always deliver the laughs audiences have come to expect, and this delicate story provides many.

Robert's unfiltered observations of life in our fast-paced society are sure to tickle even the stiffest, winter-weary funny bone.

That being said, you may want to pocket a few hankies as well before you enter the playhouse on Ron Maslin Drive.

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun runs Feb. 3 to 14 with blackout days on Sundays and Monday. Tickets will be $15 apiece and curtain is at 8 p.m. sharp.

Tickets can be purchased from the box office, located at 1 Ron Maslin Way just off Terry Fox Dr.

For more information; please call the box office at 613-831-4435 or visit our website at

Sarah Argue plays the friend of a mentally challenged 35-year-old man, the role Dale MacEachern has taken on in Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun at Kanata Theatre.