Having Hope at Home

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Rehearsal photo: Bruce Rayfuse, Lilly Bianchi, Dayna MacDonald, Shane Bouchard, Joel Rahn, Susan Monaghan
 Photo IMG_9145
Rehearsal photo: Susan Monaghan, Dayna MacDonald, Shane Bouchard
 Photo IMG_9151
Rehearsal photo: Dayna MacDonald, Susan Monaghan
 Photo IMG_9099
Rehearsal photo: Dayna MacDonald,Bruce Rayfuse
 Photo IMG_9104
Rehearsal photo: Bruce Rayfuse, Joel Rahn
 Photo IMG_9121
Michel (Shane Bouchard) compforts Carolyn (Dayna MacDonald) when she gets a pain.
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Dawn (Susan Monaghan), Russel (Joel Rahn) and Jane Bingham (Lilly Bianchi)
 Photo IMG_4094web
Russel, Dawn, Carolym, Jane, Bill
 Photo IMG_4108web
Dawn and Michel get Carolyn upstairs to the bed.
 Photo IMG_4134web
Carolyn tries to conceal the fact that she is having contractions. (See also the similar rehearsal photo).
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