Kanata Kourier-Standard, 2 September 2010

Season opener has hope at home



First comes love, than comes marriage, than comes the baby in a baby carriage.

Well, not exactly in the opening play of Kanata Theatre's 42nd season, Having Hope At Home, written by Canadian playwright David S. Craig and directed by Alain Chamsi.

This charming comedy is the story of Carolyn, a nine months pregnant young lady, played by Dayna MacDonald, who lives with her boyfriend Michel (Shane Bouchard) and her wisecracking old grampa Russell (Joel Rahn).

Carolyn has decided to have a home birth with a midwife present. On the eve of her labour, her parents Bill and Jane (Brace Rayfuse and Lilly Bianchi, respectively) are due to arrive for a previously-scheduled dinner.

Carolyn's midwife, Dawn (Su­san Monaghan), also gets a last minute invite, not to dinner, but to deliver the baby!

Chaos erupts when Carolyn's father, a noted doctor, finds out she is having a home birth. Bill has an opposing view and tries to instil his ideas of modern medicine and the benefits of a hospital.

The first show of the season touches on a three-generational family, the meaning of home, new beginnings, and the differences that will, of course, result.

Director Chamsi has a place in his heart for this touching comedy.

"It's about relationships, dysfunctional families and how it all ties together," he said.

He really stands behind his hard­working cast of whom four of the six actors are new to the Kanata Theatre stage.  "Kanata Theatre is always open to new people, and I really wanted my actors to have a good first impression of Kanata Theatre," said Chamsi.

MacDonald has said of her lead­ing-lady role, "this role is challenging and emotional."  Having started at Kanata Theatre when she was 11 years old she said the theatre is like a second home.

Bianchi, who plays Carolyn's mother Jane, also has a strong connection to the content of this play having been a midwife. "I was fascinated by birth and am interested in women's health," said Bianchi.

Her past profession made her curious about the show's subject matter. 

Having Hope At Home opens on Sept. 14th and runs until Sept. 25th, with no performances on the Sunday and Monday.

All tickets are $15 and curtain is up at 8 p.m.

Student Rush Seats at $5 go on sale at 5 p.m. on the day of each performance, subject to availability of seats. A valid student pass must be presented at the box office to purchase tickets.

$60 season tickets are also still available.

Please call the box office at
613-831-4435 for information on booking your tickets or visit the web-site at www.kanatatheatre.com for all inquiries. Or feel free to visit the box office at 1 Ron Maslin Way, just off Terry Fox Drive in Kanata..

Bruce Rayfuse, Lilly Bianchi, Dayna MacDonald, Shane Bouchard, Joel Rahn and Susan Monaghan rehearse for the upcoming Kanata Theatre production of Having Hope at Home.

This article is reproduced by permission of the author.