Kanata EMC, 17 March 2011

Kanata Theatre's farce
delivers the laughs

Posted Mar 17, 2011 By Robyn Pekarchuk

EMC Events - Fancy a funny bone-tickling? Come enjoy a laugh with Kanata Theatre as their latest production, the zany British farce Cash on Delivery, written by Michael Cooney and directed by Rosemary Keneford, opens on March 22. The first laugh is free.

Eric Swan (Brooke Keneford) is unemployed and discovers he can benefit from collecting fictitious tenants' support cheques as a full-time job. He came upon the situation haphazardly when he was sent a social security benefit cheque on behalf of a former tenant. After cashing it in he realized he could create more made-up tenants with various ailments and disabilities, and collect their cheques as well.

Everything seems to be going fine until Eric's conscience gets the best of him and he realizes he can't keep the charade of being unemployed up any longer to his
wife, Linda (Jenefer Haynes). He decides
to cancel the cheques the same day an inspector, Mr. Jenkins (Barry Caiger), shows up and investigates a prior tenants' case. Mayhem ensues as everything starts to unfold and others such as Uncle George (Lionel King) and Norman (Dwayne Aylward), an actual tenant, get involved.

Director Keneford admits to really enjoying doing comedies, especially British farces. "It's not just about acting in a farce, you have to choreograph it. There are moves and in-and-out timing that are very important. Staging a farce is similar to performing a well-rehearsed dance."

Lead actor Brooke Keneford, and husband to the director, agrees with the importance of mastering the physical and verbal comedic timing in a farce. "The roles of both Eric and Norman are big roles full of one-liner jokes, the set-up for the jokes has to be right on for the audience to get them."

For information on booking your tickets,
please call the box office at 613-831-4435, or visit the website at www.kanatatheatre.com.

This article appeared in the 17 March 2011 issue of the Kanata EMC.