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Can a man be wholly good or wholly bad and if so, can you separate the two? Robert Louis Stevenson asks this question in his hugely successful 1886 novella "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

Enter Jeffrey Hatcher, 122 years later, who takes this simple question even further by blurring the lines between pure good and pure evil in his stage adaption "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Set in Victorian London in 1883, the play offers all the period elements audiences expect; top hats, potions, dark streets and fog but adds layers of complexity to the title characters that enrich an already brilliant story.

While staying true to the classic story, Hatcher adds some brilliant twists and turns that shift the dynamic between Jekyll and Hyde from one of duality to a multi-faceted contrast in personalities.

Directed by Wendy Wagner and assisted by Ilona Henkelman, this classic tale of horror is darker, sexier, and more intriguing than ever as Dr. Jekyll must come to terms with the complexity of man as Hyde takes him on a roller-coaster ride of violence, lust, love, and desperation. Supported by the same technical team (sound, lights, set) that created the magnificent effects for Mary's Wedding two years ago, this production promises to deliver a memorable night of entertainment.

Mature content.

Opening Nov. 4th, the play runs for ten shows Tuesdays through Saturdays until Nov. 15th. Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased in advance by calling the Box Office at (613) 831-4435 or by visiting us online. Tickets, subscriptions, and more information can all be found at